Betsy “BB” Vohwinkel, PMA-CPT, CYT-200

BB’s introduction to Pilates came through her mom! Having taught yoga for several years at EVOLVE Movement in Raleigh, BB was aware that the studio also offered Pilates classes and training. But it wasn’t until her mom, Anna, was recovering from an injury and encouraged to find a Pilates teacher that BB began to understand the incredible benefits Pilates had to offer. In 2013 she started the comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates Teacher training at EVOLVE Movement and has completed the 300 hours of observation, personal practice and teaching required to become a certified Pilates teacher. Since finishing her training in 2014 she has been steadily teaching mat, equipment and combo classes in both private and group settings.

BB, her husband Joe and their two rotten kitties, Cleo and Luna, were fortunate enough to be able to move to the coast in May, 2017 and they are so happy to be part of this wonderful community! BB has a creative, energetic but lighthearted approach to all of her classes, making them accessible to everyone!