Nicole completed her certification through the In Balance Certification in Wilmington, North Carolina which included 220 hours of practical work, observation, and apprenticeship on the work and equipment of Joseph Pilates in June  of 2009.  Since then she has logged in more than 3000 hours of teaching.

In 2002 Nicole developed agoraphobia and was unable to leave the house.  To stay in shape she was gifted a set of Pilates dvds from her mother.  She instantly fell in love and did the routines religiously every day.  Years later in 2008 she took her first traditional Mat Class and was amazed at how different and challenging it was.  Her instructor, friend, and mentor, Jenny McGaha, inspired her to go to teacher training in the Spring of 2009.  Every day since has been a wonderful roller coaster ride.  Having a yoga background, Nicole loves the mindfulness of every Pilates movement, and how Pilates really coordinates the movement with the breath.  It brings her great joy to see her clients improve their strength and flexibility with each session.  Pilates has helped improve all aspects of her life from creating a stronger core-which has helped with lower back pain, made her mindful of her posture through out the day, enhanced her yoga practice, and her overall confidence.  She wishes to spread her love and joy for Pilates and life to everyone.”

Nicole Dobias-Shaw