Since 1989 I had experienced increasing and range of back pain. I have always been athletic, but running, surfing, and gym work did not help the pain. By 2013 it had gotten to the point that I could not sleep at night because of the pain, never mind the price I paid to do surgery each day. Emily’s work with GYROTONIC® and pilates has changed my life. She defined the areas of weakness and imbalance and customized routines that have created strength and flexibility, doing so with kindness and humor. I sleep without pain, work in my contorted positions with greater stamina, and surfed the epic Independence Day swell for five hours straight. None of this would have been possible without Emily’s expertise and efforts on my behalf.

Michael L. Hasson, D.D.S. Wilmington Oral Surgery


Emily’s passion for movement is tangible and sincere. Her love for GYROTONIC® is contagious and inspiring. I highly recommend Emily and her beautiful studio for your exploration of well being and fitness.

Susan Maravetz


 I am grateful for Emily’s help in managing my scoliosis through GYROTONIC®. Her new studio is peaceful, private and has lovely natural light.



I first came to Emily to take a private Pilates class approximately a year ago in order to tone a few problem areas. Due to a spinal fusion of my lower back with pins put in my hips for support, I am always hesitant to start with a new instructor. With Emily, I hit the jackpot!! After 2 private Pilates classes Emily and I discussed GYROTONIC® and the benefits it could give me and I was sold and continue to meet with her at her studio Injoy Movement twice a week. Not only have I gained flexibility, balance, and strength, but I also have a lower pain level. I can not say enough good things about Emily. She honestly cares about her clients during and also after each session. She is always encouraging and works hard to figure out what will be the best for each individual.  I consider myself lucky to have Emily in my life and in my corner!

Kendra Bullington